Words from Our Founder

 Ms. Jane Magigita -  Recipient of Martin Luther King Jr. (Drum Major for Justice) Award 2014

“This Award honours those who are leaders, those who will get in front of issues and drive the changes necessary for justice, peace and righteousness. With humility it is a great thing to be counted as one of those people. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of wanting to be a Drum Major. What it is a Drum Major? It is the person out front, the person leading the way. But he told us that it is not leading that makes you great. The thing that makes you truly great, is to be a leader in the service of others. That is what this award is really about, service to others. I see this nomination as an award of those whom I serve, the 96 % of Tanzanian women who derive their income from the informal sector. Many of these women are poor and illiterate but they are a significant force in our economy, they are major producers and distributors of goods and services and thousands upon thousands of households, of families and children, rely on these women to meet their basic needs. Yet there are so many barriers to them earning a decent living…. With the right interventions to support these women, they will slowly build capital, build skills and pull themselves and their families out of poverty....

These women are determined; they are persistent and have incredible spirit. Working with women traders has shown that informal sector women are able to create a movement and grab every opportunity to improve their situation and will go further than you could ever imagine…. I believe all men can be Drum Majors for women's rights.They can provide their mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters with a safe environment to live and work. They can support them in their business and help them access resources. They can help share domestic burdens to make women’s lives easier. And they can speak out against other men who would threaten women with violence of all kinds... We should all be Drum Majors in service of informal sector women. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that through love, through justice, through truth and through commitment to one another we could make this old world into a new world. Let us work together and make a new world where women are equal, where there is opportunity for everyone and where no one lives trapped in poverty.” – Delivered on March.4, 2014 US Embassy, Dar es Salaam