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We believe information is power. We are committed to conducting baseline surveys, research, policy analysis as well as documentation and dissemination of publications on the informal sector, human rights and related issues to raise awareness and ensure rights are protected. 


 We are also active in sharing our resources, information and lessons learned and work towards creating powerful tools and models that will contribute to the transformation of Tanzania's informal sector. 

A number of evidence-based research is conducted annually, identifying training needs, gender barriers and business related issues. 

Our publications have been vital sources of information to civil society, stakeholders and the general public. 


Read our 2011-2015 Impact Report

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Click here to read our Baseline Survey Report of Female Entrepreneurs in three Districts of Dar es Salaam

Bofya hapa kuangalia Mwongozo wa Utungaji wa Sheria Ndogo na Ushiriki Wananchi | Our Kiswahili Guideline on Law and Public Participation

Bofya hapa kuangalia Sheria ya Ndoa na Sheria za Mirathi | Our Kiswahili Material on Marriage and Inheritance Law

Bofya hapa kuangalia Brosha ya Ukweli | Our Kiswahili Facts Brochure