Temeke Stereo market- a local women trader was facing verbal abuse from some of the male traders in the market. Upon learning about the abuse women were experiencing, an EfG Legal Community Supporter provided assistance to the women on how to address the issue. 

The women worked together to bring the perpetuators before the local market committee, where they faced large fines and were held accountable for their abuses against the female trader. 

After following up with the Legal Community Supporter we were happy to learn the woman is no longer experiencing verbal abuse in her workplace!

Another incident occurred where a male trader sexually assaulted a female customer in the marketplace. Based on the education they received by EfG's campaign on their rights and accessing justice, market traders advised and encouraged the women to report the abuse to the market committee. In response to her account committee members worked together with traders for three days until the perpetrator was successfully apprehended. The male abuser was fined and banned from conducting any future business in the market. The committee also decided to dispense warnings to the market's male traders on the repercussions for committing acts of violence against women in order to prevent additional incidents from occurring.