Our Approach


 We found the majority of women traders in Tanzania are engaged in informal work characterized by instability, insecurity, lack of access to services; resources; and healthcare, poor working conditions and high vulnerability. 




In response to the multiple barriers and forms of inequality informal sector women face, we take a multi-faceted approach to these issues through:


1) Access to Justice: Providing free and accessible legal services to through trained paralegals and legal community supporters.


2) Economic Empowerment: Forming and supporting Village Community Banks where women can access low interest loans, receive business education and grow their savings. 


 3) Organizing and Advocacy: Mobilizing women's groups and associations, working for increased women representation in leadership positions and building capacity of informal sector women to lobby for their rights.

4) Combating GBV: Increasing rights awareness, engaging men as change-makers and advocate of women's rights and strengthening capacity of enforcers to address GB incidents.